Patient Testimonials – Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus

„The accompanying doctors, the anesthesiologist, and the assistant physician provided wonderful support for me before and after the surgery.“
Wilhelm G.
83 years old

Last fall, I noticed that both my hearing and stability were not functioning as they used to, and at times, I had difficulty controlling my urinary urgency. Upon the prescription of a hearing aid by my ENT doctor and the prior examination of my auditory and brain nerves, it was confirmed that my brain had deficits. To identify this inconsistency in the brain, a contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) with vascular imaging was performed by the radiologist. In the subsequent discussion, the radiologist explained to me that my cerebrospinal fluid was not being drained normally.


Deeply concerned, I eventually visited my primary care physician, who promptly suggested requesting an appointment with Professor Feigl in the neurosurgical department of the Bamberg Clinic. During the initial consultation with Professor Feigl, a lumbar puncture was proposed. This procedure was carried out in the department of Professor Dr. Rieckmann. The day after, a noticeable improvement in my gait was observed.


According to Professor Dr. Rieckmann, the removal of cerebrospinal fluid would only have an effect for a maximum of three months. I allowed this time to pass and noticed that the previous weaknesses were reemerging. In May, I scheduled an appointment with Professor Dr. Dr. Feigl to consent to the shunt surgery. In June, I was admitted to the neurosurgery department for the procedure, which was successfully performed under general anesthesia by Professor Feigl. The accompanying doctors, the anesthesiologist, and the assistant physician provided wonderful support for me before and after the surgery.


I would like to particularly highlight the calming and encouraging secretary during those days. I want to emphasize above all that there were no pains during the measures taken after the surgery. I could always deny repeated inquiries about pain from Professor Feigl. This is a clear indication to me of the excellent quality of the treatment.


You deserve recognition and immense gratitude.

„Our mother felt in the best hands at all times.“
Bernadette K.
79 years old

Our mother had to undergo a head operation (cerebral shunt) in August. Three months later, she underwent another surgery on the spine due to spinal canal stenosis. Both successful procedures were performed by Professor Dr. Dr. Günther Feigl. We are immensely grateful to him and his team for their competent and compassionate care and support before, during, and even after this time. Our mother felt in the best hands at all times. We are very thankful for the ensured access and a reliable response to questions and requests, whether by phone, email, or in-person. Especially in these challenging situations, the friendly, factual, and reassuring demeanor of Prof. Feigl and his secretary was crucial and helpful for us.