Endoscopy (Neuroendoscopy)

Hirntumor Zentrum Endoskopie

Minimally invasive procedures are performed microsurgically using either a surgical microscope or a neuroendoscope. A combination in the sense of an endoscopically assisted operation is also possible.


In any case, neuroendoscopy allows a larger field of vision for the treating experts. At the same time, it keeps injury to skin and soft tissue to a minimum. The special neuroendoscopes can therefore be used above all when the field of vision as well as illumination of the surgical area are limited by the minimally invasive access.

Surgical Theater

Since March 2021, Prof. Feigl’s Surgical Theater visualization platform has been used for the first time in Europe. It is based on 3D virtual and augmented reality technologies that enables even better planning and performance, especially for complex neurosurgical procedures.


This new technology enables neurosurgeons to virtually play through interventions before the actual operation. In this way, they can practice interventions step by step and based on individual characteristics of the person being treated. It is therefore possible to optimally adapt surgical procedures to the patient’s individual anatomy and pathology in order to realize the best possible surgical planning. In addition, the Surgical Theater System’s 3D-neuronavigation (“GPS for the brain”) is used during surgery to ensure a higher level of control and safety for the patient.


Another benefit for patients is the use of the platform for educational purposes. Thanks to the novel possibilities of a “journey into one’s own body”, patients can be even better informed about their individual state of health and the planned surgical steps. In this way, information that is often very abstract and difficult to understand for non-specialists can be experienced first-hand.
This leads to better understanding, reduces fears and uncertainties, and can further strengthen trust in the highly qualified surgical team.

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