Hirntumor Zentrum Mikroskop

Schädelbasis- and Hirntumor-Zentrum

The Skull Base and Brain Tumor Center of Sozialstiftung Bamberg treats both benign tumors and malignant cancers. The specialization in minimally invasive surgery of the skull base also includes the treatment of trigeminal neuralgia and hemispasm facialis, in which the cranial or facial nerve is affected. Here you will find an insight into the portfolio of the head physician Prof. Dr. Dr. Günther Feigl.

Main Areas of Treatment

Treatment Methods

Brain Tumors - briefly explained on YouTube

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Hirntumor Zentrum Arzt

    Do not hesitate to contact me for your treatment inquiries. Please make an appointment with my office at 0951 503-1218.


    You may send all relevant medical-imaging reports, MRT and CT pictures in particular, to me in advance so that any missing documents might be submitted already before the appointment. All medical reports should not be older than 3-4 months. We are happy to receive your message in the language of your preference: We understand Russian, Croatian, Polish, English and German.


    Owner and Operator


    Prof. Dr. Dr. Günther C. Feigl



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