Patient Testimonials – Acoustic Neuroma

„The surgery went well, the tumor was completely removed, and the implant could be inserted.“
Acoustic Neuroma Stage 3

The symptoms started innocently enough, mostly with brief dizzy spells that I attributed to fluctuations in blood pressure. I also noticed a hearing impairment in my right ear, but I could compensate well with my left ear. When I lost my balance during morning personal care and fell, I didn’t think much of it.


It wasn’t until one Friday morning, while brewing coffee, that I experienced a severe bout of dizziness, collapsing inward and regaining consciousness only while lying on the floor. This left me quite unsettled. Initially, I declined a hospital admission on the advice of my daughter. However, she didn’t let it rest and promptly informed my primary care physician, who promptly admitted me to the hospital on Monday. Various examinations were conducted, mostly cardiological, as there was suspicion of a cardiovascular condition. A head CT was also performed to rule out a brain hemorrhage or stroke.


All examinations were inconclusive, and I was discharged after three days. At home, I mentioned that my hearing in the right ear had worsened, prompting my daughter to schedule an appointment with an ENT specialist. After a thorough examination and inquiry into my symptoms, the ENT specialist referred me for a head MRI and to the ENT practice in Bamberg to see Prof. Eckert, suspecting an acoustic neuroma.


Further examinations were conducted at the ENT practice in Bamberg, confirming the suspicion of a neuroma. Another MRI was ordered to be certain.


At the next appointment, the diagnosis was confirmed: Acoustic Neuroma Stage 3. I was shocked but also relieved that there was an explanation for my symptoms.


I was given time to consider the options and was informed by Prof. Eckert and his colleague, Mr. Wirtz, about all the risks and the procedure for the surgery, as well as the implantation of a cochlear implant to compensate for my hearing loss.


My daughter accompanied me to the appointment, and both of us agreed that only surgery was a viable option, and we didn’t need additional time to decide.


The next appointment was for the surgical preparation and an introduction to the Neurosurgery department by Prof. Dr. Feigl.


I was thoroughly examined and informed, and all my questions were answered.


I felt very well taken care of and understood from the beginning. Every doctor, whether in ENT, Anesthesiology, or Neurosurgery, took ample time to thoroughly inform me and my daughter about the 8-hour surgery and to alleviate my fears.


The surgery went well, the tumor was completely removed, and the implant could be inserted. I was monitored overnight in the intensive care unit, as is customary after head surgeries.


My daughter could call the station at any time to inquire about my well-being. Additionally, both surgeons called her on the evening of the surgery to update her on the success of the operation.

„I can highly recommend the Neurosurgery Clinic Bamberg.“
Erika B.
71 years old

Dear Professor Dr. Dr. Feigl, Dr. Scheitzach, Mr. Dürmaier, and the entire team involved in and after my surgery,


I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the information, preparation, and execution of my surgery. I am delighted that the head surgery went so well. On the intensive care unit, I felt well cared for and supported. In my opinion, my hearing in the right ear is not worse than before the surgery and may possibly be improved with a hearing aid. The care on the ward was very good. I am very satisfied with the entire process. I can highly recommend the Neurosurgery Clinic Bamberg. I also want to thank everyone who prayed for me and the doctors.


On Monday, my outpatient neurological rehabilitation began at Michelsberg. I hope that my balance will largely normalize.


Kind regards,
Erika B.

„After the surgery, I had no nausea; I felt as if I had not been operated on at all.“
Sergei C.
42 years old

I am Sergei C., and I underwent surgery for the diagnosis of Acoustic Neuroma (AKN) in Moscow. Six months after this surgery, I traveled to Germany and presented myself at Sozialstiftung Bamberg because the tumor had grown rapidly. When I visited a hospital in Moscow, I was told to wait for six months for an appointment. I had heard many positive things about Sozialstiftung Bamberg, where the Clinic for Neurosurgery accomplishes the impossible. Thus, I decided to undergo surgery in Germany. I was particularly surprised by the relationship between doctors and patients, from the beginning, from diagnosis to surgery. Everyone in this clinic is very friendly and attentive, and you can see that patients are treated with love; every doctor and nurse takes their duty very seriously.


I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for the professionalism of Prof. Dr. Dr. Feigl, the Clinic for Neurosurgery, and the nurses. I was treated not as a patient but as a friend. The doctors and nurses alleviated all my fears. Since I had undergone this operation in Moscow already, I can compare the procedures. Rehabilitation in Moscow was very difficult and lengthy, while here, I could already walk the next day and felt the success immediately.


I still want to thank the doctors in Moscow, who worked within their means. However, I was very surprised by the kindness and attention of the German doctors. After the surgery, I had no nausea; I felt as if I had not been operated on at all. I could move around on the ward after just three days. The Russian doctors had told me at the time that 10% of the tumor could not be removed. At first, I thought I would need another operation, but Prof. Dr. Dr. Feigl informed me that the tumor had now been completely removed. I thank God for sending me such wonderful people. The doctors and nurses saved my life and gave me the opportunity to live as a healthy person without disabilities.


I am not bothered by the fact that I have been deaf on the right side since the first surgery; I am happy to continue living this way. I want to express my sincere thanks to the nurses because they excel in their work and have a lot of patience for all patients. Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will gladly continue to share what wonderful people work in this clinic.

„At no time did I have doubts, fears, significant pain, or a poor condition.“
Markus H.
51 years old

Originally from Southern Bavaria, after thorough research regarding the necessary operation for a large acoustic neuroma, I chose to undergo treatment at the Neurosurgery Clinic of Sozialstiftung Bamberg under the direction of Prof. Dr. Dr. Feigl. What prompted me to contact them initially was the special expertise that Prof. Feigl had, particularly in the field of such medical conditions, including education, experience, and the surgical techniques he applied, which I could securely derive from common information sources. The stated philosophy of placing the best possible overall outcome for the patient at the center of every treatment case individually also appealed to me.


The initial contact and a timely appointment for a consultation were uncomplicated and personal. The conversation took place in a pleasant atmosphere at eye level, ideal for mutual acquaintance. Building on my knowledge, Prof. Feigl explained the approach and specific methodology in detail and comprehensibly. It was important to him to address my questions. Through this conversation and Prof. Feigl’s clear articulation of the high standards for the treatment goal, without trivializing possible postoperative effects and the always remaining residual risks in such interventions, I gained full confidence that I would receive no worse treatment here than anywhere else, and perhaps even better. Prof. Feigl appeared to be highly competent, self-assured but still down-to-earth, and extremely likable. Seeking a second opinion at a large university hospital did not change my conviction. A follow-up call with the chief physician to clarify any remaining questions was also possible without any issues.


The subsequent entire treatment process was the perfect implementation of my expectations, and it was even exceeded. Appointment scheduling, patient admission, comprehensive preliminary examinations, surgical preparation, operation, inpatient follow-up care under the continuous support of the neurosurgical treatment team, as well as efforts for optimal further home care, proceeded optimally and without any complications in terms of progress and outcome. At no time did I have doubts, fears, significant pain, or a poor condition. I perceived the interplay of factual precision and always tangible human connection as outstanding. I genuinely felt like part of this great treatment team.


Also worth mentioning – the COVID-19 infection protection measures were, in my estimation, perfectly established and consistently implemented, with no discernible negative impact on the treatment process.


I was discharged 12 days after the operation in good general condition, and I could immediately perform lighter everyday tasks at home. Currently, two weeks after the surgery, I assume that there will be no relevant limitations for me.


My overall conclusion:


Absolute top-notch treatment in Neurosurgery Bamberg – it couldn’t be better!

„When I think that I underwent a major brain surgery 9 months ago and see that nothing remains except a small scar - hats off.“
Michael M.
39 years old

I would like to share my experience with AKN surgery in Bamberg with Prof. Feigl. I, born in 1985, incidentally diagnosed with an intrameatal AKN on the left side, measuring 0.8×0.6cm, without any symptoms…


Prof. Feigl also advised surgery, but not through the transtemporal approach, rather suboccipital/retrosigmoid and specifically MINIMALLY INVASIVE. Major damage was not expected, and in my case, Prof. Feigl estimated an 80% chance of preserving hearing, especially since my hearing was not yet affected. I was reassured not to worry about the facial nerve; a permanent injury was unlikely according to human judgment…


All the fear and tension before this major surgery disappeared due to this competent advice, and I scheduled the surgery.


After a 5-hour surgery, complete removal of the tumor. Waking up, as planned, in the intensive care unit. Initially, in the first few hours, there was significant dizziness and vomiting. On day 2, I was transferred to the regular ward and began to stand up. Subjectively, my hearing works perfectly; HNO diagnoses in the months after the surgery confirm this – only a hearing loss at a frequency that I cannot perceive is detected in the hearing test. Minimal facial paralysis after the surgery, completely regressed after 3 days. Discharged from the clinic after 10 days. Dizziness, vertigo, and fatigue are naturally present, but I am doing excellent, and daily life is functioning. Four weeks after the surgery, I re-entered professional life. Eight weeks after the procedure, I enthusiastically started light training under supervision as a sports enthusiast (Crossfit) to restore the last 5% of almost perfect balance. Normal athletic endurance given after 3 months…


About the clinic team: Daily two detailed rounds, time for consultations, etc. Prof. Feigl is confident regarding this surgery, and rightfully so. Looking forward to follow-up appointments with this great team… When I think that I underwent major brain surgery 9 months ago and see that nothing remains except a small scar – hats off.

„Невринома слухового нерва, Hейрофиброматоз“
Alexander M.
16 лет

Мы находились в клинике в городе Бамберг в период с 22 февраля по 5 марта года. Диагноз моего сына – нейрофиброматоз 2 типа. Опухоль в головном мозге (невринома слухового нерва) размером более 3 см была прооперирована и удалена профессором Гюнтером Файгелем. Перед операцией нам подробно объяснили, какие могут быть последствия, мы знали обо всех побочных эфектах, но наш случай был очень запущенный и кроме операции других вариантов не было. К сожалению, слух в левом ухе не удалось сохранить из-за размеров опухоли, но тем не менее мы остались довольны профессионализмом профессора Файгеля, потому что операция была очень сложная из-за размера опухоли, по времени в общей сложности длилась 8 часов и завершилась для нас с наименьшими потерями, а именно не был задет лицевой нерв и у сына после операции на лице не было никаких последствий, а именно перекоса лица (парез). Постоперационная терапия в палате проводилась медперсоналом под контролем профессора Файгеля который приходил на обход каждый день, все были очень вежливы и всегда готовы прийти на помощь по первом звонку. Персонал больницы и профессор говорят на английском языке (профессор великолепно владеет языком), есть также русскоговорящий персонал как среди докторов, так и среди медперсонала. Нам было очень комфортно в клинике и мы будем проводить регулярные контроли после операции в этой клинике.

We were in the clinic in the city of Bamberg from February 22 to March 5. My son’s diagnosis is neurofibromatosis type 2. A tumor in the brain (acoustic neuroma) larger than 3 cm was operated on and removed by Professor Günter Faigel. Before the surgery, we were extensively explained about the possible consequences, and we were aware of all the side effects, but our case was very advanced, and apart from the operation, there were no other options. Unfortunately, the hearing in the left ear could not be preserved due to the size of the tumor. Nevertheless, we were satisfied with Professor Faigel’s professionalism because the operation was very complicated due to the tumor’s size, lasting a total of 8 hours, and concluded with minimal losses for us. Specifically, the facial nerve was not affected, and there were no consequences for my son’s face, such as facial asymmetry (paresis). Postoperative therapy in the room was conducted by the medical staff under the supervision of Professor Faigel, who came for rounds every day. Everyone was very polite and always ready to help at the first call. The hospital staff and the professor speak English (the professor is fluent in the language), and there is also Russian-speaking personnel among both doctors and medical staff. We felt very comfortable in the clinic, and we will continue regular check-ups after the operation in this clinic.