Patient Testimonials – Intervertebral Disc Herniations

„Professor Dr. Feigl is an outstanding doctor.“
Frieda F.

I was successfully operated on for a herniated disc at the Bamberg Hospital by Professor Dr. Feigl. He is an outstanding doctor. He and his team did a fantastic job. After 9 days, I was able to leave the hospital without pain or discomfort. Everything was excellent and highly recommendable.


Frieda F.

„I no longer experience any pain in the back area.“
Theodor B.
Surgery for a mediolateral herniated disc

I was admitted to Bamberg Hospital due to severe back pain. After a two-week medication treatment proved unsuccessful, I was transferred to you for a minimally invasive surgery in the lumbar region. You operated on me in May, and immediately after, I was pain-free.


I adhered to the prescribed recovery period, and by mid-May, I was able to leave the hospital. I no longer experience any pain in the back area.


Your operation was incredibly successful, and I can assure you that I will share my positive experience with my friends and acquaintances regarding your capabilities. Additionally, I was overall very satisfied with the care provided by other doctors, including the nursing staff.

„I am fully mobile today, engaging in all my usual physical activities without any restrictions.“
Hans H.
50 years old

First and foremost, I would like to express my gratitude for the kind treatment during my nearly three-week stay. The nurses and the entire staff are doing an excellent job. Upon my doctor’s advice, I promptly presented myself to the emergency room in early February, seeking an urgent operation by Dr. Prof. Feigl due to my acute pain. My attending physician had previously contacted Prof. Feigl by phone. The cause of the pain was a bulging disc between the sixth and seventh cervical vertebrae, pressing on the nerve root in that area, as diagnosed by an MRI.


Apart from the pain, which made any movement and, among other things, sleep unbearable, I also lost proper mobility in my left arm. Additionally, I experienced a ‘numbness’ in the left arm that was not successfully treated with medication. Being a very active person in sports, the thought of not being able to pursue this hobby in the future was nearly inconceivable for me.


Prof. Feigl initially suggested a cortisone treatment and, as a last resort, surgery. Since the first alternative showed almost no improvement and the pain worsened, surgery became inevitable. Despite the standard procedure of considering and explaining all risks, I was operated on by Prof. Feigl in mid-February. The surgery was performed ‘from the back,’ freeing the nerve root. Immediately after the operation, I was surprised to find myself pain-free in the recovery room. Originally, I thought that the administered medications or perhaps the anesthesia were still effective, and the pain would gradually return, but that was not the case.


Conclusion: Today, I can confidently say that I remained pain-free. While I had to refrain from sports activities for nearly three months, the numbness in my left arm has significantly improved. I am fully mobile today, engaging in all my usual sports activities without any restrictions.


I am very satisfied with both the success of the operation and the subsequent follow-up treatment. My well-being was inquired about at various intervals, and further steps, such as targeted physiotherapy, were discussed. Prof. Feigl’s secretary kindly and accommodatingly rescheduled the occasional appointment I couldn’t attend.


In conclusion, if faced with the decision again, I would turn to Prof. Feigl without hesitation. Hopefully, Prof. Feigl can help several more patients with acute problems as successfully as he helped me.

„The morning after surgery finally marked a pain-free start to the day.“
Reiner P.
63 years old

In May, I experienced a herniated disc and was admitted to Bamberg Hospital. Upon arrival, I was warmly and immediately welcomed by Dr. Speil’s team. It is only natural for people in pain to often struggle with fear of treatments and the like. This fear was alleviated through the caring consultations.


Medical advice and procedures during my admission were explained to me in a clear and unhurried manner. The surgery date was promptly scheduled, and I underwent the operation the same evening. The morning after the surgery finally marked a pain-free start to the day. After some time in the hospital, during which I received excellent care from the team on the ward and was provided with good meals, I was allowed to leave the hospital.


Personally, I highly recommend the team of Prof. Dr. Dr. med Feigl and his Dr. Speil, and I am very grateful for the positive experiences I had.

„I always felt in the best hands during both of my stays on your ward.“
Frank B.
56 years old

Dear Professor Dr. Dr. med. Feigl,

After you and your medical team successfully treated me twice this year for a herniated disc (LWK 3/4), I want to express my heartfelt thanks for the two successful operations. You personally performed the first surgery, while your senior physician, Dr. Andreas Speil, handled the second operation (recurrence) in your absence due to vacation. Both surgeries were successful and immediately relieved me of the intense pain I had been experiencing. The numbness in parts of my left leg, resulting from the irritated nerve root, resolved almost completely within 4-6 weeks after each operation, undoubtedly aided by targeted measures during rehabilitation. As a result, I currently feel hardly any limitations in my mobility.


I am personally very satisfied with the healing process so far and would like to thank both you and your highly motivated medical team, as well as the consistently friendly nursing staff on the ward. Prof. Feigl, I have come to know you as a socially competent neurosurgeon with outstanding expertise who thoroughly informs his patients about alternative courses of action and provides intensive care with his highly motivated team. With your senior physician, Dr. Andreas Speil, and the entire medical team supporting you, you have built a substitute on whom one can rely very well. During my two stays on your ward, I always felt in the best hands. If someone were to ask me for a recommendation for a good neurosurgery, I could recommend your department and you at any time.


I wish you and your entire team continued success, and may you all preserve the warm human aspect alongside all the professional aspects!